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Builtopia is a set of easy-to-use online tools that help you build, host, and manage immersive, web-based 3D virtual spaces.

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What builtopia enables you?


in the Metaverse

The combination of simple UI/UX, advanced algorithms, and high quality templates makes creating a virtual world easy and fun.


in the Metaverse

Build your brand awareness by crafted storytelling in your uniquely stunning virtual space.


in the Metaverse

Host and manage exciting contents and events in your Metaverse to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

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Cyber City

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A mysterious city that always lies in the dark, used to be the symbol of prospect and hope, but now becomes the lair of outlaws and vagabonds.

Niche Gallery

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This galley just shows how exquisite and astonishing a small place can be, along with some exhibitions so rare and expensive.

Cudillero Diorama

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A small Diorama of a beach town inspired by Cudillero by Thomas Kale.

Littlest Tokyo

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The teeniest tiniest Tokyo by glenatron.

Fujian Tulou

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Fujian Tulou has important cultural heritage in the real world, thus was taken as the prototype and was spatially and materially "recreated" with a new metaverse definition.

Space Party

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A party held in space, composed of robots, aerocraft, and teleports.

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